Reese, Smarties and Sprinkles 13th Birthday Cake!






My adorable little red-headed twin cousins are turning 13 tomorrow… well I guess they aren’t that little anymore, but I still think of them as 6-year olds running around with heaps and heaps of energy. I remember that time they locked themselves in the bathroom and ate all the chocolates out of their advent calendars… that was funny.

They requested a cake with half smarties and half Reese Peanut Butter Cups, and this is what I came up with!

I layered 2 chocolate cakes with vanilla buttercream in the middle and around the outside. I cut out a number 1 and 3 with cardboard and set them in the middle of the cake. I used one of my mom’s embroidery circle things (not sure what they are called) to place on top of the cake, so I could have a perfect circle to fill the sprinkles in.

I then placed the Smarties in the numbers, and broke up some Reese to go around the outside.

Happy Birthday you two, and hope this cake is super delicious for you and puts you and your friends into a sugar coma!


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