Oreo Explosion Cake

Four layers of chocolate cake, with chocolate buttercream in-between the layers, covered in more chocolate buttercream. Garnished with Oreos and candles.

Pink Macaron Ombre Cake

Last night I made this ombre cake for my friend Emma’s 18th birthday. I added raspberry and vanilla macarons on top, because she loves them! And an ‘E’ on the top three macarons for her name Emma. On the inside is chocolate and vanilla alternating, with buttercream between each layer. My next cake, I want … Continue reading Pink Macaron Ombre Cake

Giant Pink Rose Cake

I had an order to make a giant pink rose cake, that would feed 20+ people! My normal cakes are 12″ round, but for this cake I made a 14″ cake with 4 extra large layers… this cake was giant. Like really big. Really, really big. But it turned out pretty, and I love the … Continue reading Giant Pink Rose Cake

Chocolate Layer Rose Cake

  This is for my cousin-in-law’s mother to celebrate her retirement this year! Happy retirement, Karen! Karen is a huge chocolate lover, so I thought this cake would be perfect for her. It is a  4 layered chocolate fudge cake, with buttercream in-between the layers and vanilla and chocolate buttercream around the outside. Truly a chocolate lover’s … Continue reading Chocolate Layer Rose Cake

Pink and Purple Rose Cake

I made one of my best friends a cake for her 18th birthday yesterday – and she loved it! Yay! I just used french vanilla cake mix, and made three batches of Wilton’s Buttercream. 1st batch – white. 2nd batch – pink. 3rd batch – purple. And then I just took a piping tip, and piped … Continue reading Pink and Purple Rose Cake

Birthday Sprinkle Cake

Four layers of chocolate and vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream in-between the layers. Covered in vanilla buttercream, topped with rainbow sprinkles.

Aqua Rose Cake

I had 3 Mother’s Day cakes to complete this past weekend – but surprisingly it wasn’t too bad. I’ve done these rose cakes so many times now, that it takes me about an hour to complete and have everything cleaned up (if I’m lucky! …. sometimes I can get pretty messy ….) I completed this Mother’s Day … Continue reading Aqua Rose Cake

Ombre Rose Cake

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!! This was the first Mother’s Day cake I did – 4 layered vanilla and chocolate cake, with Nutella buttercream in between the layers (recipe below) and pink ombre vanilla buttercream roses on the outside. Nutella Buttercream Recipe Ingredients: 1/2 cup butter, softened 1/2 cup shortening 3½ – 4 cups confectioner’s sugar, sifted … Continue reading Ombre Rose Cake

Double Pink Confetti Cake

Here is another confetti cake I did last night! Pretty similar to my last one, except this time instead of there being yellow and blue – there is just pink! There are 4 layers of chocolate and vanilla cake with Nutella buttercream in-between (if you want to know the recipe I used click here!) and … Continue reading Double Pink Confetti Cake

Chocolate Orange Cake

One of my best friends ordered a cake for her boyfriend, who LOVES chocolate orange. I mean, who doesn’t?! So for his cake, I created a 6″ round, three layered chocolate fudge cake with orange buttercream in-between the layers. Covered in chocolate buttercream, and garnished with chocolate dollops, orange peels, and Terry’s chocolate orange. I … Continue reading Chocolate Orange Cake

Minion Rose Cake

One of my old friends asked me to make her a birthday cake for her birthday, and all that she requested was she wanted pink ombre CAKE (like the actual layers of cake to be dyed a pink ombre), roses on top and MINIONS. Okay, I LOVE MINIONS!!!!! POOPAYE!!! (that’s goodbye in Minion language… if … Continue reading Minion Rose Cake

Ferrero Rocher Cake

One of my long time co-workers requested a cake for her boyfriend’s birthday. She wanted it to include Ferrero Rocher chocolates on it, which I was SO excited about. Those things are the tastiest things EVER. This cake was 8″, four layers of chocolate cake, filled with chocolate buttercream, covered in vanilla buttercream, hazelnuts, chocolate … Continue reading Ferrero Rocher Cake

Death by Chocolate Cake

One of my friends requested a cake for himself, just because LOL. And I know he loves chocolate, oreos and pretty much anything except Ketchup chips so I decided to make this cake. It’s four layers of chocolate cake, filled with chocolate buttercream, covered in cookies and cream buttercream, chocolate ganache, Oreos, caramel popcorn, Hershey’s … Continue reading Death by Chocolate Cake

Wedding Cake/Cupcakes

AHHH THIS IS SO EXCITING! I completed my first wedding cake order yesterday, and I had the best time! I made 70 chocolate cupcakes with mint green buttercream, topped with white edible pearls and white chocolate infinity symbol. The groom wanted the cupcakes/cake to have these adorable white infinity symbols, which I absolutely loved. For the … Continue reading Wedding Cake/Cupcakes

Strawberries and Cream Cake

My friend at work requested this strawberries and cream cake for his mom, which I was super excited to do because I love making cakes with strawberries on top. I think it’s the most beautiful little touch (especially when you cover them in chocolate!) But for this cake, no chocolate was involved. I made four layers of … Continue reading Strawberries and Cream Cake

Minion Cake

I. love. Minions. LOVE THEM. I could spend this whole blog post ranting on about how much I love Minions but to save you the boredom/the horror (because I know some people don’t like them… God know’s why…) I will just jump right into my cake. I made this cake for an adorable little girl’s 7th … Continue reading Minion Cake

Rust/Teal/Grey Rose Cake

To match the 40 fox cupcakes I made for a baby shower, I created this rose cake with the colours rust (or copper orange), teal and grey. I love the colour combination in this cake. I’ve never used any of these colours (especially not the rust and grey) and I most certainly have never used … Continue reading Rust/Teal/Grey Rose Cake

90th Birthday Flower Cake!

One of my best friend’s Grandma’s just turned 90, and for her celebration they wanted me to make a cake that would involve flowers! So this is what I came up with. This cake is very simple, just a 2 layer vanilla (gluten free!) cake with vanilla buttercream, garnished with buttercream flowers and leaves. This weekend … Continue reading 90th Birthday Flower Cake!

70th Birthday Cake

My uncle John celebrated his 70th birthday this past week, meaning I was in charge of making him is favourite kind of cake: lemon. Now I don’t know about most people, but typically vanilla or chocolate is the go-to cake flavour, and not so much lemon. My family doesn’t typically enjoy the taste of lemon cake … Continue reading 70th Birthday Cake

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