Baby Girl Cupcakes

I made these cute little cupcakes last night for my friend to take to this party welcoming a new baby girl! I just used the simple rainbow bit Betty Crocker cupcake mix, and piped Wilton’s Buttercream into the middle (and also used that to decorate the top of the cupcakes). Hope you guys enjoy them!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake With White Chocolate Raspberry Bark

So recently, I had a cake order for my friend’s mom who wanted chocolate covered strawberries. I figured we’d go a little extra further and add white chocolate raspberry bark, raspberries, sugar roses, white edible pearls and glitter! On the inside is chocolate and vanilla layered cake with buttercream in between the layers and on … Continue reading Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake With White Chocolate Raspberry Bark

Rose Cake

I made one of my best friends a cake for her 18th birthday yesterday – and she loved it! Yay! I just used french vanilla cake mix, and made three batches of Wilton’s Buttercream. 1st batch – white. 2nd batch – pink. 3rd batch – purple. And then I just took a piping tip, and piped … Continue reading Rose Cake

Pink Macaron Ombre Cake

Last night I made this ombre cake for my friend Emma’s 18th birthday. I added raspberry and vanilla macarons on top, because she loves them! And an ‘E’ on the top three macarons for her name Emma. On the inside is chocolate and vanilla alternating, with buttercream between each layer. My next cake, I want … Continue reading Pink Macaron Ombre Cake

Baby’s First Birthday Fondant Cake

A friend of mine wanted me to make her baby brother (who’s turning 1) a cake for his birthday! So we decided on monkey themed, and of course boy-ish colours! Enjoy! Oh and inside is RAINBOW BIT! The best cake ever!

My 18th Birthday Chocolate Cake!

It’s official (well not until tomorrow…) I’m an adult! Yipee! Here is an awesome Oreo Explosion cake, I just needed to have for my birthday. It’s very simple: three layered stacks of cake, chocolate icing, and oreos. There aren’t really any instructions – you just go to town with that chocolate, girl!

    Here’s my other cake I made yesterday – a pink rose ombre cake. If you haven’t seen my blue ombre cake I made also, click here! This was another really simple cake to make – 4 layers of red velvet on the bottom, with 2 layers of red velvet on the top. Decorated … Continue reading

Blue Ombre Cake

All I did for this cake was bake 2 red velvet cakes, sliced them both horizontally and then used buttercream to stack them. I cooked another red velvet cake, but in a smaller pan and placed that on top. I then iced my entire cake with a ‘crumb coat’ and let that sit for 10 minutes. I … Continue reading Blue Ombre Cake

Green Ombre Rose Cake

One of my oldest friends turned 19 today!!! And she wanted a green themed cake – so I made this 4 layered butter pecan cake, with vanilla buttercream. I made meringues (recipe will be down below) and added them on top, with gold sprinkles, pearls and edible gold sugar dust! If you’re reading this Laura, happy … Continue reading Green Ombre Rose Cake

Pink and Yellow Confetti Cake

My cousin’s wife celebrated her birthday this week, so I made her a cake! She wanted something that was a surprise, and I really wanted to experiment more with meringues and colour so I made this cake! It’s four layers of cake – 2 chocolate and 2 vanilla with buttercream in-between the layers. Around the outside I … Continue reading Pink and Yellow Confetti Cake

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