16th Birthday (sprinkle) Cake!




All I did for this cake was make 1 vanilla cake and 1 chocolate cake, and cut them vertically in half. I then stacked each layer and put buttercream in between each one. I then buttercreamed the outside, with a thin layer of cream – this allows for a “base” for your actual layer of buttercream. I let the icing on my cake sit for about 10 minutes, to allow it to harden a bit, so when you put on your final layer of buttercream, no pieces of cake will chip off and weave it’s way into the buttercream (which is a serious pain in the butt. Who invited you here, little piece of cake. No. Sir get out).

And then I just cut out a number 1 and number 6, and traced it on cardboard (or anything that is much thicker than paper) and placed them on top of my cake. This allowed me to sprinkle my cake, but leave the numbers white. After I was finished with sprinkling my cake, I lifted off the numbers and voila!

A tip for when you add your sprinkles… don’t wait long after you buttercream to add them on top because the buttercream will start to harden, and the sprinkles won’t stick. If this happens just press down with your finger to help secure them in place.

Another tip, is to not stress and worry about the sprinkles falling everywhere. Trust me, you cannot make this cake while maintaining a neat and tidy kitchen. Just let the sprinkles fly everywhere and vacuum when you’re done!

Hope you guys enjoy!

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