Doggy Fondant Cake

For one of my really good friends (and coworker) she asked me to make a cake for her mom and dog’s birthday this weekend! Never have I made an “animal” themed cake before, so I was super excited to do it! The little doggy turned out surprisingly well! Supposed to resemble her dog, but obviously still … Continue reading Doggy Fondant Cake

Betty Boop Cake

My friend Emma wanted me to make her Grandma a cake… Betty Boop themed! I thought that was hilarious because how awesome is that. So obviously I said YES! This cake is sort of resembling a present (with the bow and the gift tag) and I just stuck Betty right on the front! I kept … Continue reading Betty Boop Cake

Chef Cake

I decided to make a birthday cake for my boyfriend, the little chef 😉 He makes the tastiest food, and is attending culinary school in the fall. Hope you guys enjoy this one! Happy summer!    

Christmas Fondant Cake

I completed my second fondant cake!!! Hallelujah! I know Christmas is over now but hey, better late than never. I hope you guys enjoy this one. It was very fun to make because there were so many fun colours to use. Decorating cakes with fondant is becoming my favourite thing ever to do. It gets … Continue reading Christmas Fondant Cake

New York City Fondant Cake

I finished my fifth fondant cake! SO happy and it was so much fun to do. This one is New York City themed cake because it’s my favourite place in the world and one day I definitely plan on moving there. I added all my favourite things that New York is known for.

Baseball Fondant Cake

I finally finished my baseball fondant cake! YAHOO! I am so happy with the way it turned out. I’m now so excited to begin my other cakes. Do you guys like it? I’d love your feedback/comments!

Miley Cyrus Fondant Cake

I finished another fondant cake and this time it was based on the one and only Miley Cyrus. What a fantastic human being she is. I decided to create this cake based around the theme of thee VMAs because that for her was definitely a big moment in her career and essentially her ”comeback”.  

Lottery Ticket Birthday Cake

However, I made another fondant cake today! I made it for my friend’s boyfriend, who turned 18 today. Since you can buy lottery cards, etc. when you’re 18, I made him a cake that resembles one of those bingo cards!

Spiderman Cake

One of my friends at work wanted a Spiderman cake for her boyfriend, so I created this 4 layered chocolate cake with red buttercream around the outside (and white buttercream on the inside). I made black buttercream, and piped lines around the side/top of the cake for a ‘web’ effect, the Spiderman logo and added … Continue reading Spiderman Cake

Minecraft Cake

I work with this adorable and kind lady at work, and she asked if I could make her son a cake for his 14th birthday cake – and I said of course!! She wanted the theme to be Minecraft… which I had no clue really what that was. I mean, I know it was some … Continue reading Minecraft Cake

Easter Carrot Cake

Happy Easter everyone! And if any of you don’t celebrate Easter, well happy excuse-to-eat-chocolate-day!! Last year I made two Easter related posts: Easter cupcakes and Easter baskets, and it had occurred to me this afternoon I haven’t baked anything Easter related yet! I’ve been so busy with school that it totally slipped my mind. I have … Continue reading Easter Carrot Cake

Wedding Cake/Cupcakes

AHHH THIS IS SO EXCITING! I completed my first wedding cake order yesterday, and I had the best time! I made 70 chocolate cupcakes with mint green buttercream, topped with white edible pearls and white chocolate infinity symbol. The groom wanted the cupcakes/cake to have these adorable white infinity symbols, which I absolutely loved. For the … Continue reading Wedding Cake/Cupcakes

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