Baseball Fondant Cake Finished!


I finally finished my baseball fondant cake! YAHOO!

I am so happy with the way it turned out. I’m now so excited to begin my other cakes.

Do you guys like it? I’d love your feedback/comments!


Thanks for reading!


First Fondant Cake: Part 1 of 2

Hey folks!

If you read my 2nd last post I believe, I wrote how I am making 5 cakes that are made out of fondant. I finally began today, considering I realized they all need to be done by the end of January… so I sort of had a moment of panic.

But I managed to almost finish my first cake, which is my baseball themed one.

Down below, I attached the photos of it so far (as of Sunday, December 8th). I’ll update this post when I completely finish it, so you can see the final cake.

ImageThose first four photographs are of my beginning steps. The first one, is cutting the cake to create the baseball diamond look. That second photograph is the process of rolling out the fondant, continued with the third photograph of all the trimmings of it. The final one is what it looked like when I draped the fondant over top of the cake.

ImageHere are two photographs of my little cut-outs I did of the baseball jersey and the bases as well as a 2-D baseball. I’ll eventually finish up the jersey with more fondant or edible paint.

ImageAnd finally here are the pictures of what my cake looked like once I put on the grass. The right photograph has mini baseballs lining the bottom of the cake, that I’ll eventually end up adding the red stitching onto them.

What’s left to do is to create the dirt (with brown coloured fondant) and eventually add the bases on top of it, as well as the 2-D baseball for out in left field. The baseball jersey will be painted with the name Lawrie on the back of it for my favourite player Brett Lawrie from the Toronto Blue Jays. It’ll eventually be draped over the right side of the cake, with part of the jersey hanging off the side.

Hope you guys like it so far! I’ll add Part 2 of this cake when I’m finished.

Have a good week.


Cakes, cakes and more CAKES!

Hello everyone! Sorry about not posting for a while, I’ve been super busy with school and everything.

But I have some exciting news that I think you guys will be excited to witness! I’m going to make 5 cakes between now and the end of January. Not just any cakes‚Ķ cakes with FONDANT! I’ve never used fondant before so this will be interesting.

The reason I’m doing this is because I’m creating them for my school’s art show. Taking a different approach to what someone would typically create for an art show (ex. paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc). I love baking and I certainly love cake so why not create cakes.

I’ve decided on what my five cakes will be like and I’ve attached a drawing (created on photoshop so don’t make fun of how bad they might look) of what my plan is for each cake:

(ps. Every step that I take on this journey of making cakes I will photograph and upload right away onto my blog so you guys can follow along with my baking!)

1. CHRISTMAS because who doesn’t enjoy Christmas (unless you don’t celebrate then that’s obviously okay too!)


2. Miley Cyrus. Now Miley has been the talk of 2013 and she’s done many controversial things so I understand if not everyone loves her. But personally, I think she’s absolutely fantastic. I know people will argue that she’s a bad role model but I think she’s awesome for doing what she wants and how she wants it. She’s a role model in that way because she’s telling not only kids but people of all ages that life is short and BE WHO YOU ARE. I love it.


3. New York City, because it is by far my favourite place in the entire world. With this cake, I’m going to make cupcakes to go along with it ¬†because who doesn’t love cupcakes.


4. Baseball themed cake, because I was a huge fan of playing baseball when I was a little kid. I believe I played for a total of 7 years, and my position was pitcher as well as the occasional first basemen and sometimes catcher. I absolutely loved it and had such a fun time playing. I stopped just because I was getting into high school and I realized it would have been to hard to balance both baseball and school work.

My family and I always and still watch baseball on TV (GO BLUE JAYS) all the time in the summer.


5. Lastly, I am going to create a cake based around the work of Roy Lichenstien who was an artist in the 1950s who created Pop Art. His work was very similar to Andy Warhol’s artwork, which dealt with a lot of colour and detail.


Hope you guys enjoy coming along this journey of cake making with me! If anyone has any tips, please comment down before because like I mentioned earlier: I’ve never worked with fondant before!

Happy black friday to those American’s reading this!