Triple Chocolate Cake

One of my friends asked me to make his Grandad a happy father’s day cake, and his request was that it had to have chocolate in/on it – which is perfect because I LOVE MAKING CHOCOLATE THINGS. He also wanted a two-tiered cake, so I made a 2-tiered, 7 layer chocolate fudge cake with chocolate … Continue reading Triple Chocolate Cake

Elmo Birthday Cake

One of my friends I went to high school with asked if I could make her brother a cake for his first birthday around this time last year. You can see the post here. 🙂 And very kindly of her, she asked me to make his second birthday cake, but instead of monkeys this time … Continue reading Elmo Birthday Cake

Baby’s First Birthday

A friend of mine wanted me to make her baby brother (who’s turning 1) a cake for his birthday! So we decided on monkey themed, and of course boy-ish colours! Enjoy! Oh and inside is RAINBOW BIT! The best cake ever!

Pink Ombre Rose Cake

Here’s my other cake I made yesterday – a pink rose ombre cake. If you haven’t seen my blue ombre cake I also made, feel free to check it out! This was another really simple cake to make – 4 layers of red velvet on the bottom, with 2 layers of red velvet on the top. … Continue reading Pink Ombre Rose Cake

Red and Black Rose Cake

One of my classmates asked me to provide a cake for his party – and he requested it to be very dramatic! He wanted a two-tiered red and black rose cake. I’ve never created black roses before, so this was something I was excited about. For the flavour, he wanted it to be gluten free (and peanut … Continue reading Red and Black Rose Cake

Sky Rose Cake

This weekend I had a cake order for a couple who were both turning 45. The wife thought it was a good idea to put 90 on the cake, for the combination of both ages. I loved it! This is a 2-tiered lemon cake (8″ on the bottom, 6″ on the top) with raspberry filling … Continue reading Sky Rose Cake

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