Rust/Teal/Grey Rose Cake





To match the 40 fox cupcakes I made for a baby shower, I created this rose cake with the colours rust (or copper orange), teal and grey. I love the colour combination in this cake. I’ve never used any of these colours (especially not the rust and grey) and I most certainly have never used such distinct and random colours all together on a cake before. Usually I’ll stick with one colour, or I’ll do an ombre cake – never a random coloured cake like this before!

The colours on this cake remind me a lot of fall, which I LOVE and am SO excited for. Best season EVER. Hehe.

So this cake is 4 layers of chocolate cake, with vanilla buttercream in-between each layer. I then made 3 batches of buttercream for the roses, and split them up into 3 different bowls for the 3 different colours.

Hope you enjoy!






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